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Maravillas Bags are handcrafted and sustainable bags designed by Christina Bussmann in Spain, Mallorca. We combine in our studio modern mediterranean design with traditional craftsmanship. 


Maravillas Bags offers three collections of handmade bags and accessories and use the highest of quality natural materials in a local production: 




May it be your hand bag, purse, backpack, cross body, hobo or shoulder bag, your weekender, key fob or clutch - each and every item is made under fair conditions and with love!



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I am Christina Bussmann, the founder and designer of Maravillas Bags.I stood up against mass-produced goods already when I graduated as a fashion designer in Florence, Italy.

More then fifteen years ago I moved to Mallorca with my family after working in the costume branch of the Berlin film-industry.

Here in Mallorca I started designing and making bags and accessories and found enthusiastic customers.

The success encouraged me to start my own label.


The founding of the sustainable label Maravillas Bags in 2016 was a logical move for me.

Today we understand the devastating effect the production of fast-fashion has: exploitation of environment and people.

Fairly paid workers and a minimalistic environmental footprint are not just important to me, but also to my clients. And of course, we believe that both environmental friendliness and fairness are in accordance with the Zeitgeist.


My workshop is located in Mallorca / Spain. Here I work with local people with top-notch experience in the manufacturing of bags. Mallorca has a long tradition of bag and leather processing, which we like to keep alive in a sustaining way. By keeping production local, I can avoid long transport of the goods and remain transparent in all my work. 


Locally produced = zero emission


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