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Working with sustainable materials is our passion. We offer three materials matching our ethics. 



Our Vegan PIÑATEX Collection is made from pineapple plant fibres. It is a green and animal friendly alternative to leather and plastic-materials.

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Our newest collection is made from WOOD - a flexible walnut veneer which brings together nature, innovation, and sustanablity.

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Our ECO LEATHER collection is made from vegetable tanned leathers which uses

purely natural substances for the tanning process.

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The choice of materials is a passionate affair for us as quality and naturalness are part of our ethos.



  • Recently, we integrated a new and extraordinary material into our production. A vegan alternative to leather – PIÑATEX ! It uses pineapple leaves, which are the natural by-product of existing pineapple harvesting.

  • The newest material we have integrated is WOODA flexible walnut veneer from FSC certified forests mounted onto a bio cotton base and then cut with a laser to make it flexible and soft. 


Finally there are green and vegan alternatives to traditional petroleum based leatherettes that are sustainable and attractive!

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