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Our WOOD material is one of the most valuable natural products. Every tree and every type of wood has its own individual characteristics and shows the traces of evolution. Carefully hand-selected veneer and excellence in high level wood processing are the basis for an innovative material with incredible softness, a luxury look and an impressive texture. The result is a completely new material out of walnut wood that is hugely soft and flexible.

The material is made from thin sheets of wood which are bonded to a bio-cotton fabric using an environmentally friendly adhesive. Micro laser cutting turns selected woods into a unique soft material experience. 

Influenced by Italian style and German technology it is a creation of a completely innovative material.

The WOOD COLLECTION is characterized by its claim to sustainability as all the wood that is processed comes from forests that are managed ethically and with respect for the whole ecosystem. FSC® certification guarantees the traceability and origin of the wood.

It is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and 100% animal free.

Please read our CARE INSTRUCTION to keep your WOOD bag in top conditions.



As a natural product and normal with wood veneer, it has different variations of grain depending on its location within the log.

The manufacturer recommends to only clean it with a damp sponge or similar. Although the fabric has been tested by the manufacturer, it should be noted that, as is always the case with new materials, no long-term practical experience is yet available.

For smaller scratches you can take a walnut kernel and rub it over the damaged area. A simple furniture polish also helps to nurture the material. 

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