Our ECO LEATHER COLLECTION uses purely natural substances for tanning such as roots, bark, and leaves from olive trees, oak and rhubarb – thus the leather remains a noble and safe product of nature.

The surface is breathable, feels warm and supple, and is free of carcinogenic or allergenic chemicals.

We obtain our vegetable tanned leather locally from Spanish leather factories with a long tradition of artisanal vegetable tanning methods.

It is one of the most environmentally friendly leathers worldwide.

Every hide is a naturally unique piece and is allowed to display its lifecycle in the form of uneven wrinkles and scars – naturalness mustn’t be hidden.

As a result, every bag matures to an individual one-of-a-kind piece by light, time and touch.

Please read our CARE INSTRUCTION to keep your Eco Leather Bag in top condition.



Leather is a natural material with similar characteristics like our skin. Irregularities in color and structure are based on the naturalness of the leather and are a typical quality feature.

To keep your eco leather bag in top condition, it is recomanded to treat your bag with neutral color leather fat or with a waterproofing spray on a regular basis.

Beware of heat sources such as ovens or radiators!

Never use stain water, solvents, turpentine or shoe polish, as they will all affect the color of the leather or even rub off on clothing.

If the leather of your bag has a stain, first try to rub gently with clean, lukewarm water. If this does not have the desired effect, take mild soapy water.

Gently remove grease stains with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. If that does not succeed, do not despair! Most fatty stains disappear by themselves over time!

Please note that suede must be treated differently than smooth leather. Here you can scrub out stains with a special eraser. 

We also strongly recommend treating the bag with an impregnating spray before use and repeating it at regular intervals.