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The founder of the label Maravillas Bags, Christina Bussmann Otte, has graduated as a fashion designer in Italy and moved to Mallorca with her family after working for a number of years in the costume branch of the Berlin movie making scene.


She started designing and making bags and accessories and found enthusiastic customers. The success encouraged her to start her own label.


For more than three years we have been offering handmade bags and accessories from Mallorca / Spain.

Our principles are combining urban design with traditional craftsmanship, and using high quality, natural materials in local production.


Our studio is located in Palma´s historic centre. We work with people from the region who have the relevant experience and thus avoid long transport distances: locally produced = zero emission.


Initially the models designed by us were made of vegetable tanned leather. Later a new and unusual material has been added to our production, a sustainable produced fabric which is equally inspired by vegan-oriented people and animal lovers; a material made from fibres of the pineapple leaves, developed in the UK and produced in the Philippines and in Spain: Pinatex

A new collection of attractive and durable pineapple bags was created.


So now, after three years of experience, Maravillas Bags can offer both in proven quality and timeless design: a collection of Vegetable Tanned Leather and a real vegan alternative, the Vegan Ananas Collection.


We believe that our clients do care about fairness for workers and a positive environmental footprint, because ecofriendly and fairness is fashionable more than ever!


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